Stop supermarkets from selling raw fruit and veg in plastic packaging.

In the UK, we generate 5 million tons of plastic waste every year!


This plastic can take over 500 years to decompose, meaning that much of it finds its way into landfill and our oceans. Much of our plastic waste can easily be reduced by simply eliminating unnecessary plastic packaging from our supermarket shelves.


Our fruit and veg already comes in its natural packaging, bananas have skins and oranges have peels. The tiny convenience that comes from adding plastic packaging does not make up for the hundreds of years worth of damage that each piece of plastic will cause in our oceans and to the many species of animals that accidentally eat it.

Supermarket chain Iceland has already vowed to go plastic free by 2023, the UK government rightly stopped the supermarkets from offering plastic carrier bags for free and they also have the power to stop retailers from offering fruit and vegetables pre-packed in plastic packaging which is not necessary and causes pollution.

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