Protect the Antarctic Ocean with Greanpeace

One of the primary goals behind Akasha is the preservation of life, not just human life but ALL life.

The biggest challenges facing amazing sea creatures such as seals, orcas, penguins, sea turtles and many more is the warming climate, expanding fishing industry and increasing amounts of plastic pollution. 

Whilst we can all take steps in our daily lives to reduce the harm we cause to the environment , we can go one step further by encouraging our governments to do the same. 

Greenpeace have organised a petition to create an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary, the largest protected area on Earth. 

"The UK Government plays a vital role in creating an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. It’s a part of an Antarctic Ocean Commission which has pledged to protect the Antarctic.

By working together, we can urge the UK Government to stand up for ocean protection and support the world’s largest Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary."

Head over to the Greenpeace website to sign the petition and help protect not only the Antarctic Ocean but the millions of sea creatures that live within it.



If you're interested in learning more about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life check out our article about the Future of Our Oceans